Tobacconist University

Tobacconist University (TU) is the independent academic institution that educates, certifies, and promotes retail tobacconists. TU develops and administers correspondence education and certification programs for tobacconists, manufacturer’s representatives, and consumers.  

As a service to our members, each PCA retail member store now has the ability to receive an UNLIMITED number of FREE Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT) certifications! With CRT certification valued at $1,000 each, the PCA strongly encourages our Retailer members to take advantage of this generous professional development opportunity for the advancement of their employees, not to mention their stores’ profitability!

Benefits of CRT Certification

In addition to the CRT certification, recipients also receive a host of other benefits, including:

    •    Lapel Pin and Diplomas
    •    Professional Designation, CRT and Use of TU Certified Medallion
    •    Certified Tobacconist Listings and Promotion on TU Website
    •    Provide customers with information on CRT Certify Consumers (CCT)
    •    Exclusive Access to TU Certified Products
    •    Access to TU Certified Events and networking opportunities