5 Steps for Retailers to Get Consumers Involved to Ax the Tax

The proposed tax increase under consideration in Congress could see tax increases in excess of 1000% for premium cigars and pipe tobacco. This is a credible threat to PCA members, and the premium cigar industry and we need you to mobilize your employees and customers. Below is a list of what you can do to help fight this increase by getting your customers involved:

  1. Send a Message to Congress:
    This is the quickest and easiest way to have your voice heard! This website will have a statement written for you and will automatically send it to your members of congress. This will let your representative and senators know exactly how you feel about the proposed tax increase. Make sure all of your employees also take action:  https://cigaraction.org/oppose-premium-tobacco-tax-increase/
  1. Spread the word:
    Let your customers know what is happening by sharing this link on your personal and business social media accounts. Encourage them to take action and to share it within their networks: https://cigaraction.org/oppose-premium-tobacco-tax-increase/

  2. Educate on What’s Happening:
    Your customers will see significant price changes if these taxes go into effect. To provide some further context a popular mid-size example cigar would increase by $2.75 based on the proposed tax increase and a box of 20 would increase by over $50. This represents a 689.19% tax percentage increase, and    this significant price change would result in a reduction of 12.72% in demand.
NameWeight (oz)Retail Price (pre-tax increase)New PriceDecrease in DemandTax % Increase
RP Vintage 99′ 6×600.89 oz$13.00$15.3510.87%584.74%
  1. Engage with Your State Association:
    Many of the state associations are actively working with PCA to contact federal officials as a delegation to oppose the tax increases. Contact our Director of State Government Affairs Glynn Loope to connect with your state association to support their efforts and get involved glynn@premiumcigars.org

  2. Stay Up to Date on What’s Happening:
    These situations can change quickly and the best way to help the fight is to continue to fight with every change that is proposed. The Premium Cigar Association will provide frequent informational email, video, and social media releases and calls to action. Stay engaged with PCA and provide feedback and intel on what you’re hearing in your stores.