California Health Committee: Amend SB 793

Premium Cigars and pipe tobacco are being threatened by a flavored vape bill in California. The bill is not intended for premium cigars or pipe tobacco, but the legislation is crafted in a way that could include premium products. 

Premium cigars and pipe tobacco are sold in adult-only specialty stores and do not pose a youth access issue. Additionally, premium cigars are not mass produced or convenient for mass consumption. Simply put, premium cigar aficianados are not the target of the bill; the intended target are easily obtainable and concealable vapes being marketed to youth. The broad language in the bill extends far beyond banning flavored vapes designed to entice youth, and would ban the retail sale (but not online sales) of premium cigars and pipe tobacco being sold by our members in adult specialty retail stores.

PCA supports efforts to address youth access to tobacco, but opposes this bill unless it is amended to address the problem at issue here—flavored nicotine-containing chemicals, designed to appeal to youth, and made to be used in convenient vaping delivery devices.

Contact Members of the California Assembly on Health today to voice your concerns on this bill. It only takes a few minutes and your voice can make a difference.