FAQs: New PCA Mission Statement and Board of Directors

Q: What is the new mission statement of the PCA?

PCA exists to grow the business of specialty tobacco retailing.

Q: Why did the PCA board adopt this new mission statement? 

The PCA Board went through a rigorous, professionally facilitated strategic planning session which included an in-depth examination of the current industry environment, the state of the PCA, and what the PCA is and can do to maximize benefits for its members. As a result of this process, the PCA has adopted a strategy to re-double its efforts to help retailers grow their businesses. To accomplish the mission, PCA will focus on delivering world-class B2B buying events, impactful networking opportunities, high-quality educational resources, and a comprehensive advocacy strategy – from local communities to Capitol Hill.

Q:  What is meant by “specialty tobacco retailing”?  

The retail sale of premium cigars, specialty tobacco products, and related tobacco accessories to end users of the products through conventional retail stores and other retail outlets.

Q: How is this mission statement different than past mission statements? 

This new mission statement is more concise and hyper-focused on the business of retailing. The PCA is prioritizing our members’ ability and opportunity for growth. Growth also means PCA fights for and protects our members’ businesses to operate in a stable, fair business environment. This includes fighting against onerous taxes, misguided legislation, and bad policy, while simultaneously pushing positive legislation forward.  

Q: What is the new Board of Directors structure?

Historically, there have been 15 members on the PCA Board of Directors, comprised of the following: 

  • 14 Retail members, including 5 Executive Committee members
  • 1 associate (manufacturer) member – who was president of the Associate Member Advisory Board

The new structure is a total of 19 members on the PCA Board of Directors, comprised of the following:

  • 14 Retail Members
  • 5 Associate Members
  • The executive committee is enhancing its structure by adding 1 associate board member liaison for a total of 6 executive committee members.  

Q: Why did PCA change the Board of Directors structure?  

Manufacturers are invaluable partners in aiding retailers on critical issues and challenges. As PCA continues to evolve into a full-service organization – and not “just a trade show” – it is imperative manufacturers’ voices and perspectives are included to improve legacy programs and build new ones.

Q: Will manufacturers be able to “take control” of the PCA now? 

No. This is a retailer organization. The new board structure is designed to welcome manufacturer partners who will bring their perspectives, talents, intellects, and other resources to bear on accomplishing our mission.  

Q: Who are the five associate members on the board? 

The PCA has invited three associate members to join the board as of January 2022. These three are: 

  • Mike Conder, Crowned Heads, who will serve as the associate liaison on the executive committee
  • Christian Eiroa, CLE
  • Alan Rubin, Alec Bradley 

The remaining two associate seats will be selected through an open election by the members during the 2022 PCA board election cycle.    

Q: How are board members elected? 

Each year, the PCA holds elections to fill open board seats for those directors whose terms have been completed. In March of a given election year, a call for nominations will go out to all PCA members in good standing. Members then have until March 31 to submit their nominations. The PCA Nominating Committee will then ensure those who have submitted their nominations meet the criteria to serve on the Board. The final ballot is then presented to current PCA retail members and from May 1—May 31, each member will cast their respective vote for choice of candidate(s). The votes will then be tallied and the nominees with the greatest number of votes will be presented for approval at the PCA Annual Meeting during the PCA Annual Trade Show.  

Q: What are the criteria for an associate member to be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors? 

To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and to maintain such eligibility, Associate Members be current dues paying members and must demonstrate full participation as an exhibitor in Association-sanctioned live and in-person events, including trade shows, in the calendar year preceding each election and term year.