Hawaii: Protect Premium Tobacconists from Statewide Tobacco Ban!

Urge Legislature to Protect Tobacconists from Statewide Tobacco Ban

Senate Bill 2904 and House Bill 2348 ban all tobacco products in Hawaii, including premium cigars and pipe tobacco. S.B. 2904 and H.B. 2348 are tobacco bans disguised as flavor bans. All products are considered to be flavored if the manufacturer or an employee of the manufacturer has ever made a statement or claim directed to consumers or the public that the tobacco product has or produces a characterizing flavor. This statement serves as evidence that the product is flavored even if it contains no flavor additives and the product shall be considered contraband subject to seizure. The legislation also allows any locality to adopt more stringent restrictions on access to flavored tobacco products.

Urge your elected officials to amend S.B. 2904 and H.B. 2348 to protect premium cigar and pipe tobacco specialty stores from this misguided legislation. Complete the form below to contact the legislature now!

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