Meeting on Main Street: A Resource to Hosting Legislators in Your Stores

Traditionally, the U.S. Congress will adjourn from the beginning of August to Labor Day to for what is commonly known as “August Recess”. However, this year it will be anything but a “recess” with ongoing discussion on the federal budget and infrastructure package. The “August Recess” may still occur in abbreviated fashion, and this is a perfect time to invite your lawmakers and staff to visit your lounge or retail location to educate them on premium cigars & pipe tobacco directly. 

If you wish to host an elected official in your store or lounge, please contact Joshua Habursky Head of Government Affairs at and he will assist you with scheduling and logistics for the meeting. Please review the information and resources below in you are interested in representing the premium cigar industry before lawmakers.


STEP 1: Call PCA or the district office (if you have a existing relationship with the Member of Congress), mention the tour/meeting and ask for the scheduler’s email.

STEP 2: Email the Request a Meeting Template to them (template below)

STEP 3: If you get a yes, great, proceed to Step 6! If not, call the office three days later and reference your email.

STEP 4: Follow up over email. Reference your call and other email.

STEP 5: If you still don’t get a meeting, please email us again. There are some offices that will not take a meeting with the tobacco industry. This is rare, but you should be prepared for a cold response from select Congressional offices. 

STEP 6: Once it’s scheduled, fill out the pre-meeting form.


→ Always address members of Congress using their proper title, e.g. Sen. Jones, Rep. Byrne.

→ Be cognizant of their time. Confirm meeting length and requirements.

→ Show them how important your institution is to your community, then tell them why it’s important they act.

→ Make a clear, direct ask at the end of the meeting, but don’t be pushy. Say: “Will you co-sponsor ____?” Not: “Do you think you might be able to support ____?”

Meeting Request Template


We’d like to host Rep./Sen. _____ at {insert business name} to discuss the regulatory burden facing premium cigars and other issues hurting small businesses in our community. We would like the opportunity to provide accurate information on what premium cigars consist of and what they do not to better inform current tobacco policy. 

At this meeting, we’ll have these people/staff/etc. in attendance:

Name __________________

Address ________________

City, State, ZIP ___________

Our business is located at:

Name __________________

Address ________________

City, State, ZIP ___________

Thank you for your time. We eagerly await your reply.