North Carolina creates .30 cent tax cap on premium handmade cigars

The Premium Cigar Association commends last night’s signature of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and the action by the North Carolina legislature to create a .30 tax cap on the sale of premium handmade cigars.

The approval of the tax cap allows North Carolina to join over a dozen states with a tax cap measure, offering relief for patrons of North Carolina’s specialty cigar shops, while allowing these local small businesses to better compete.

The PCA commended the efforts of North Carolina State Senator Todd Johnson, who spearheaded the legislation, while working with the legislature’s budget committees to insure approval.

Craig Cass, owner of Tinder Box of the Carolina’s on behalf of the North Carolina Premium Cigar Association stated, “On behalf of the community tobacconists throughout North Carolina, we want to commend and thank the leadership of Senator Todd Johnson, support of the legislature and final action by the Governor, making this tax cap possible. This measure will allow our small businesses to better compete, while allowing patrons to “shop at home” for premium handmade cigars.”

The tax cap goes into affect July 1, 2022. Glynn Loope, Director of State Advocacy for the PCA stated, “This approval of a new tax cap on premium cigars in North Carolina serves as an outstanding national model for others. As tax cap legislation is pending or under consideration in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, this development in North Carolina on the heals of the Michigan approval, in indeed a message to legislatures throughout the nation.”