PCA Appeals to the White House on UPS and Teamsters Negotiations

The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) has joined over 200 organizations in signing a letter to the White House that raises awareness of the importance of the negotiations between UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Teamsters) in response to the ongoing negations between it and UPS. Scott Pearce, Executive Director of the PCA, also sent an independent letter to the White House addressing how this potential strike would have devastating consequences for the premium tobacco industry. 

If a deal is not reached by August between UPS and its workers’ union, UPS workers nationwide could go on strike nationwide. UPS employees have authorized a strike if a new contract is not agreed upon by July 31. Such an action would cause delays in package deliveries and devastatingly impact the premium tobacco industry. 

In his letter to the White House, Scott Pearce clearly states the impact this strike would have on the premium tobacco industry when he says: “… it will result in significant and lasting harm to the premium cigar retailers we represent. Our industry relies heavily on efficient logistics and timely deliveries, and any disruption in UPS services would be felt severely by our member businesses and customers. This is due to UPS being the only reliable private sector service that ships premium cigars.”

“It is critically important that this situation comes to a resolution for many sectors of the U.S. economy, and the premium cigar industry is among them, with manufacturers, retailers, and consumers having a vested interest. With the limited shipping options for tobacco products, it is imperative that UPS remain operational during these negotiations,” says Joshua Habursky, Deputy Executive Director/Head of Government Affairs for the PCA.

The PCA urges the Biden Administration to work with UPS and Teamsters to settle on a new labor agreement before the deadline. Open dialogue and compromise will be necessary for both parties to reach an agreement to avoid a catastrophic strike. The PCA has also made itself available for further comment and input to ensure the interest and well-being of premium tobacco businesses are considered during this situation. 

Click here to read the PCA’s letter to The White House in its entirety.