Summary of State Election Results

Click here to view a partisan splits and election results by state. Below is an overview of state election results:

  • 12 states held elections this year to choose governors. Seven races were for open seats. North Carolina’s gubernatorial race is still undecided. Assuming Attorney General Roy Cooper wins, Republicans will have achieved a net gain of two governorships, yielding a partisan split of 33R-16D-1NP. If Gov. McCrory is victorious, increase that to 34R-15D-1NP.
  • 44 states held elections this year to choose state legislators. Democrats had their best election night in Nevada, where they took control of both chambers, as well as the New Mexico house and the Washington Senate. Republicans captured the Kentucky house, the Iowa senate, and the Minnesota senate while tying the Connecticut senate.
  • Of the 10 states that held elections this year to choose attorneys general, Missouri flipped Republican yielding a partisan split of 26R-22D-2NP.
  • California voters approved Proposition 56. This misguided measure will increase the cigarette tax by $2.00/pack, with an equivalent increase on other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, effective April 1, 2017.
  • Missouri voters defeated Proposition A. This misguided measure would have increased taxes on other tobacco products by 5 percent.
  • North Dakota voters defeated Measure No. 4. This misguided statutory measure would have increased taxes on cigars and other tobacco products from 28 percent to 56 percent.
  • Colorado voters defeated Amendment 72. This Constitutional Amendment would have increased the total other tobacco products tax rate to 62 percent.