What We’re Smoking: Crux Limitada LE

Cigar: Crux Limitada LE
Size: Short Salomone
Smoke time: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Crux Cigars | Crux Limitada LE

Appearance & Aroma
A beautifully presented and shaped presidente. With a Colorado Claro colored wrapper, nicely pressed veins and a classic looking label, this cigar has a great appearance and feel in the hand. It has enough triple cap to cut for desired depth of your preferred draw. The initial scent and cold draw offers a light creamy aroma with a touch of pecan. It is a well-constructed premium cigar.

Light-Up & Draw
I used a straight guillotine cut and lit with one single match. The shaped foot burns into the body at a consistent and even rate. Maintaining that light creamy aroma with a touch of pecan, the cigar has a perfect draw with just enough resistance. Meaning, it is not a wind tunnel draw coming through the barrel and I don’t need to get the tractor out to pull on it, either. Basically, I got lucky and cut it the first time at just the right spot for me.

Early Profile
The cigar has a light taste of cedar and cream on the initial third with some mild nuttiness. Opens up nicely into the palate with an average amount of smoke volume—not too much or too little. Initial tastes are positive on what this cigar has to offer while I am pairing it with a Balvenie 14-year-old Scotch. The retrohale is pleasant and not driving the conversation.

Middle Profile & Burn
Burn and ash have stayed even so far, with no touch-ups required. It has settled into a medium body range that is not overpowering or underperforming, just right down the middle. Developing an earthiness with the start of some mild pepper and hints of spice, not enough to determine the spice, but a hint that can be tasted. Staying balanced and cool as I go into the last third.

Late Profile
Has maintained a very consistent flavor throughout with subtle notes during the early and middle profiles. Occasionally, I pick up a flavor that I can’t quite place. It is either a good smoke or it isn’t! This just happens to be a great, clean smoke all the way through.

Overall Impression
Owning a cigar lounge with 385 facings, I have quite a few cigars to choose from on a daily basis. When I describe cigars to my prospective clients, I don’t use flavors that the average smoker cannot detect, such as marjoram or cumin. I’ve never eaten Scottish Peat Moss or Icelandic Skyr (that’s a type of yogurt, btw), so I couldn’t tell you how to pull that flavor from it. What I can tell you is if I was stranded on a desert island and could only take one cigar for my entire vacation there, the Crux Short Salomone is the cigar that checks all the boxes for my personal taste and goes with me. Everyone should buy it by the box for their island humidor!

Review by Gary Flynn, Rigby’s Cigars & Lounge in Paris, Texas

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