PCA Committees

PCA committees are vital to the operational system of the association. Each committee focuses on issues effecting our members and our partners, and works to provide effective solutions and continuous value to all PCA members and stakeholders.

PCA Committees and Subcommittees

Finance Committee
Membership Committee
• POS-Derived Tobacco Retailer Data Initiative subcommittee
• Industry Recognition Programs subcommittee
• Affinity & Member Services Programs subcommittee
Trade Show Committee
Federal Legislative Affairs Committee
State Legislative Affairs Committee
• Grassroots Advocacy subcommittee
Communications Committee
Education Committee

Current Committee Seats Available

Each PCA committee is comprised of current PCA Executive Committee and Board members. The PCA welcomes and encourages current PCA members in good standing to volunteer to serve on the following committees and subcommittees:

Membership Committee
POS-Derived Tobacco Retailer Data Initiative Subcommittee
Industry Recognition Programs Subcommittee
Affinity & Member Services Programs Subcommittee
Trade Show Committee
Communications Committee
Education Committee
Grassroots Advocacy Subcommittee

Criteria for Serving

To be considered for a seat on a PCA Committee or Subcommittee, you must meet the following qualifications:

Expectations of Committee Members

Committee members are expected to participate in all meetings of said committee, complete all requests and assignments, and work toward the fulfillment of the group’s objectives.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Participate in all face-to-face and conference call meetings of the committee.
  2. Complete all tasks, as assigned by the committee chair, in a timely manner.
  3. Acknowledge all communications concerning committee work by requested deadline.
  4. Inform employer, where applicable, of your committee responsibilities/commitments.
  5. Review all relevant material and background information prior to each committee meeting.
  6. Participate in all committee discussions.
  7. Maintain a professional demeanor both during and outside of committee meetings.
  8. Advocate on behalf of the association and programs that arise from committee meetings.

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