Retailer Membership

As the organization dedication to brick and mortar retail tobacconists, the PCA is your go-to resource for: helping improve your bottom line; keeping you on the cutting-edge of the industry; and fighting to protect our industry from unfair, misguided, and over-reaching regulations. PCA Retailer Membership is open to Premium Tobacconists, Cigar Lounges and other Premium Tobacco Retailers. Scroll down to see all the benefits of membership.

Benefits of Retailer Membership

As a Retailer member of the PCA, you have access to a suite of resources! From tools to help you develop relationships with partners in the industry to information on the latest trends, the PCA is your one-stop-shop for your premium tobacco business.

Annual Convention & International Trade Show

With all the premium cigar, pipe and accessory manufacturers under one roof for 3+ days, the PCA Trade Show is the best buying event of the year! Held annually, this mega show includes new products, exclusive releases, special show discounts, and more. And, it is the only trade show that puts all proceeds back into fighting for the premium tobacco industry!

As a benefit of membership, PCA Retailers are eligible for up to three (3) FREE badges to the show! The number of Free badges each Retailer receives is based on membership tier:

TIER (# of Retail stores)# of free trade show badges
Tier 1 (1 Store)3 FREE Badges! *
Tier 2 (2 Stores)4 FREE Badges! *
Tier 3 (3—5 Stores)5 FREE Badges! *
Tier 4 (6+ Stores)6 FREE Badges! *

* Retailers may purchase additional trade show badges for $150 each

Retail Tobacconist Almanac

Looking to order new products or just need to replenish your stock? Want the latest on new releases? Then our Retail Tobacconist Almanac is for you! With comprehensive, detailed information on manufacturers, products, state tax information, events and more, this Almanac is a must for retailers. Produced annually, this 300+ page volume of work includes thousands of premium cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, lighters, and accessories.

[NEW] PCA Product hub

This PCA Product HUB is a new B2B platform where PCA retail members can access special discounts and exclusive product offerings provided by PCA Manufacturer members!

Each month, manufacturers offer special discounts, unique sizes, and exclusive products to help you excite your customers and earn even more on your sales. Plus, for each cigar ordered via the PCA Product HUB, funding is donated back to the PCA’s Retail Defense Fund, further helping us protect your business and strengthen PCA’s state advocacy initiatives that fight for brick and mortar retailers.

save more on tools for your business!

In addition to be a part of the longest-running trade association for the premium cigar and pipe tobacco industry, PCA members also get access to exclusive savings and discounts through special service providers, all geared specifically toward the needs of your premium tobacco business. Current programs include Credit Card Processing, Business Owners Insurance, Car Rentals, Shipping, DirecTV, SMS services and more!

Interactive Buyer’s Guide

The PCA now offers an online, interactive Buyer’s Guide, complete with up-to-date company news, products, sales rep info and more. The Buyer’s Guide gives you all the information you need right at your fingertips! And because it’s updated around the clock, you’ll rest assured knowing the information is always correct. 

Retailer Training

The PCA offers free live and recorded webinars, interactive courses, and in-person workshops on small business topics. Our on-demand classes allow you to learn at your own pace on a variety of topics. Topics include regulatory and compliance, holiday sales tips, financial management, inventory control and more, Browse our events calendar below to see past events and RSVP for an upcoming event today!

PCA The Magazine

PCA The Magazine is our industry’s leading publication dedicated to helping you enhance your business. PCA Retailers get this magazine delivered FREE of charge! Through four (4) issues per year, PCA The Magazine includes:

  • Case studies and best practices for retailers
  • New products
  • Insights, tasting and selling tips from manufacturers
  • Lessons learned from businesses outside the premium tobacco industry
  • Advice from fellow retailers
  • Important updates about our fight against over-reaching regulations
  • and more!


The PCA has extensive advocacy programs to fight local, state and federal burdens affecting your business. Through guidance and resources, PCA Retailers can ensure they are operating according to all rules and regulations. In addition, members have several opportunities to help shape the future of the industry through grassroots campaigns and more!

Additional Retailer Member Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, PCA Retailers also enjoy these added benefits of membership:

  • Resources and guidance to help you communicate effectively with your elected officials.
  • Ways to help you advocate for the premium tobacco industry.
  • Legislative alerts and opportunities which you can take immediate action on.
  • Direct access to legislators through our Legislative Action Center and Cigar Action.

Retailer Membership Eligibility

A PCA Retailer Member is defined as a business entity engaged in whole or in part in the retail sale of premium cigars, specialty tobacco products, and related tobacco accessories through conventional retail stores and other retail outlets.

To be eligible for Retail Membership with the PCA, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must operate in a location that has retail zoning or have proper permitting for the physical location to sell specialty tobacco products.
  2. Must have all state-required permits and licenses including sales tax license for the retail sale of tobacco products.
  3. Must have regular business hours during which customers can purchase specialty tobacco products. 
  4. Supply photographs of the outside of their establishment showing signage and the inside showing the tobacco display.
  5. Retail Members shall be entitled to one vote per membership.

To be considered for retailer membership, applicants must provide the following as part of the online application process:

  1. Copy of State-issued Retail Sales/Business License.
  2. Copy of State-issued Tobacco Sales License (where applicable).
  3. Exterior photo of business. Must clearly display storefront and exterior signage visible to the public.
  4. Interior photo of business. Must clearly show premium tobacco product displays.
  5. For retailers with multiple locations, must provide primary contact information for each location.

Each application for membership is reviewed and approved individually. For questions regarding the application process or for additional assistance, please contact Lisa Sigler at To apply for membership, complete the retail member application here.

Annual Dues for Retailers

Annual dues are based on the total number of premium tobacco retail stores you operate:

# of retail storesannual dues
1 Retail Store$450 ($50 discount when paid by January 31)
2 Retail Stores$600 ($50 discount when paid by January 31)
3—5 Retail Stores$750 ($50 discount when paid by January 31)
6+ Retail Stores$900 ($50 discount when paid by January 31)

Dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. For the current year, 100% of the dues are not deductible under IRC Section. 6033. Please consult your tax advisor.