Retailer Membership

As the organization dedication to brick and mortar retail tobacconists, the PCA is your go-to resource for helping improve your bottom line, keeping you on the cutting-edge of the industry, and fighting to protect the entire industry from unfair, misguided, over-reaching regulations.  

Benefits of Retailer Membership

As a PCA Retailer member, you will have multiple resources to help you build and strengthen your relationships with key vendors and manufacturers, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and capture the best deals to improve your margins and increase profits.

Annual Convention & Trade Show

With all of the premium cigar, pipe and accessory manufacturers under one roof for 3+ days, the PCA Annual Convention & Trade Show is the best buying event of the year, with new releases, exclusive offerings and special show discounts. Plus, this is the only trade show that puts all proceeds back into fighting for you and your store. This annual gathering finances our efforts to fight for the premium tobacco industry. As a Retailer member, you are eligible for up to three (3) FREE badges to the show!

PCA Retailer members are allotted trade show badges based on their membership tier:

TIER (BASED ON # of Retail stores)# of free trade show badges
Tier 1 (1 Store)3 FREE Badges! *
Tier 2 (2 Stores)4 FREE Badges! *
Tier 3 (3—5 Stores)5 FREE Badges! *
Tier 4 (6+ Stores)6 FREE Badges! *

* Retailers may purchase up to two (2) additional badges for $150 each

Retail Tobacconist Almanac

Looking for new products to order or just need to replenish your stock? Want the latest info about new releases? Our Retail Tobacconist Almanac is your most comprehensive guide for locating manufacturers, products, state tax information, events, a glossary of common tobacco terms, and more. Each year, the PCA produces this 300+ page volume of work, detailing thousands of premium cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, lighters, and accessories.

[NEW] Interactive Buyer’s Guide

The PCA now offers an online, interactive Buyer’s Guide with up-to-date company news, information about new releases, product listings and accurate sales rep contact information. This comprehensive resource puts all the information you want right at your fingertips! And because it is updated around the clock, the information is always timely and accurate. 

Retailer Training

With live and on-demand webinars and in-person education, members have access to industry best practices whenever and wherever you are. Focused on providing you with the tools you need to help you continuously improve your operations, these training sessions include regulatory and compliance issues, holiday sales tips, financial management, inventory control and more.

MEMBER Discounts for retailers

Save $ through PCA Affinity Programs! When you become a PCA member, you’ll get exclusive access to discounts on services your store already uses (or wants to use), like Credit Card Processing, Business Insurance, DirecTV packages and more!

pca affinity program premium tobacco processing

Credit Card Processing

A credit card processing program specifically tailored to fit the needs of tobacconists!

pca affinity program cigar insurance usa

BOP Insurance

A special Business Owners Policy (BOP) insurance for PCA retailer members!

pca affinity program 1-800 members


A full suite of discounts exclusively for PCA members through 1-800-Members!

pca affinity program direcTV


PCA retailer members can get up to 20% off DirecTV programming for your business!


PCA The Magazine

The premium cigar and pipe industry’s leading magazine dedicated to helping you enhance your business, PCA The Magazine is delivered to retailer members six (6) times per year free of charge! In each issue, you can expect to find:

  • Case studies and retailer best practices
  • New products with insights, tasting and selling tips from manufacturers
  • Lessons learned from businesses outside the premium tobacco industry
  • Advice from fellow retailers
  • Critical updates about our fight against over-reaching regulations
  • and more!


The PCA’s extensive advocacy programs not only fight local, state and federal burdens, but also offer guidance and resources, helping you stay to help you ensure you are operating according to all the latest rules and regulations.

Additional Retailer Member Benefits

  • Resources and guidance to help you build and maintain effective communications with your elected officials and help advocate for the premium tobacco industry.
  • Legislative alerts and opportunities to take immediate action on legislation that may affect your business.
  • Direct access to your legislators through our Legislative Action Center and Cigar Action.

Retailer Membership Eligibility

To be eligible for PCA membership under the Retailer category, you must:

  • Operate a retail store or smoking lounge in a fixed location with retail zoning
  • Be a licensed seller of premium cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco and related accessories
  • Be accessible to the general public during regular retail business hours

NOTE: Online-only, mail-order-only, mobile tobacco sales services, and private individuals are not eligible for Retailer membership.

To be considered for retailer membership, applicants must provide the following as part of the online application process:

  1. Copy of State-issued Retail Sales/Business License.
  2. Copy of State-issued Tobacco Sales License (where applicable).
  3. Exterior photo of store (must clearly display storefront and exterior signage visible to the public).
  4. Interior photo of store (must clearly show premium tobacco product displays).
  5. For retailers with multiple locations, must provide primary contact information for each individual retail location.

All membership applications are reviewed and approved by the Member Services Manager. For any questions regarding the application process, please contact:

Greg Vickers
Member Services Manager
(202) 849-6048

Annual Dues for Retailers

Annual dues for Retailers are based on the total number of premium tobacco retail store locations you operate:

# of retail storesannual dues
1 Retail Store$400 ($450 if paid after January 31)
2 Retail Stores$550 ($600 if paid after January 31)
3—5 Retail Stores$700 ($750 if paid after January 31)
6+ Retail Stores$850 ($900 if paid after January 31)