Fratello Cigars Launches 18th Amendment

Fratello Cigars is launching its Concealed Carry program at the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) trade show, and with it comes the inaugural release: the 18th Amendment. This small batch release will be limited to 1,000 cans of 12 cigars each.

Fratello 18th Amendment | Fratello Cigars

The 18th Amendment is the first installment of the Concealed Carry series. Each cigar in this series is inspired by a pivotal moment in history, capturing the essence of rebellion and sophistication in every cigar.

“With the 18th Amendment release, we pay homage to the defiance and resilience of a significant era in history, inviting enthusiasts to savor history with these cigars,” says Omar De Frias, CEO of Fratello Cigars. “We want to offer lovers of small batch cigars a rare opportunity to indulge in moments of cigar excellence with these one-time runs.”

The Concealed Carry program is limited to just 75 retailers nationwide. The 18th Amendment will be among several new releases showcased at Fratello’s booth (#9079), along with the new Fratello Arlequin Connecticut and Fratello Pocahontas.