2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show

July 9—13, 2021 • Las Vegas, NV

The BIGGEST Premium Cigar & Pipe Tobacco Event of the Year

The PCA Trade Show is THE biggest event for the premium cigar and pipe tobacco industry and is designed specifically to help your premium tobacco business thrive!


July 9 — 13, 2021
Sands Expo Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV


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Why We Attend

I always look forward to the PCA trade show. Sure there are great show deals that we always take advantage of but it’s more than just buying…..it’s about renewing acquaintances with other retailers and meeting new retailers….sharing and comparing ideas…learning about other operator’s best practices….continuing to build relationships with the manufacturers and collaborating with them in building sales and brands…supporting PCA physically and financially in these trying times is extremely important as bureaucrats and politicians continue their attack on our industry with tax increases, smoking and flavor bans and any other onerous ideas and laws they can conceive to create as many obstacles as possible to prevent us from operating successful businesses at  retail, distribution, supply and manufacturing. It’s imperative that we support our trade organizations as they continue to fight the battles at the federal, state and local levels! Attending the annual show is one of the best ways to accomplish all of this and that’s why I attend and why I bring a large contingent of my associates from Smoker Friendly!”
We look forward to the PCA Trade Show each year as an opportunity to try to products, meet new manufacturers, trade tips with other vendors and reconnect with old friends. We always come home re-energized and ready to improve our shop and selection of tobacco.”
With over 30 years in the premium cigar business, I consider the most critical component of keeping my stores relevant is attending the annual PCA Convention. Not only do I connect and buy from key manufacturers, I consider the ability to network with fellow successful retailers invaluable. It is my continuing education to be better year over year and I cannot afford to miss it.”
Attending the PCA tradeshow is one of the highlights of the year! Being around like-minded retailers and getting that first in-person peek at new products from our manufacturing partners is so valuable to my business and my spirit. Nothing beats these in-person interactions! I can’t wait for the 2021 trade show!!!

Why We Exhibit & Sponsor

The Premium Cigar Association is the voice and the soul of our industry. With more than 80 years of experience in federal, state and local advocacy, fighting for our rights, we would not be thriving without the PCA leading the charge. The annual PCA trade show is the vehicle that brings us all together as one. It provides the environment for us to see old friends and make new ones. It is the ultimate business opportunity where there’s a concentration of buyers and sellers, and there is more business done at this show than any other singular event throughout the year. It is the one gathering where we get to celebrate the entire industry. I am happy to be an exhibitor and a sponsor and to have the opportunity to support such a great association.”
For us, it was always a given that we would launch ACE Prime at the PCA trade show. We wanted to start this new journey amongst friends, at an event that embodies the cigar industry and its shared passions. The PCA Trade Show isn’t just about transactions between retailers and manufacturers —it’s a place of reunion with friends, where new relationships are established, and where the cigar industry feels less like business and more like family. This trade show really unifies the cigar industry, designing unique opportunities for retailers and manufacturers to connect. The most valuable part of the PCA trade show is more than its’ business aspects, whether for manufacturers launching new products or retailers making yearly orders. It’s the human factor, the relationships that are truly at the core of our industry. We see the PCA as a catalyst, an agent in uniting the cigar industry, gathering together people who share the same passion and can connect to continue to grow in their ventures as cigar retailers, manufacturers, or consumers.”
Since we re-launched on December 1, 2018, there are a few things I can point to as having made a significant positive impact on the company, one of which, by far, was our presence at the PCA trade show in 2019. Remember, I’m the only person in the company. So if you think about it, where else would I have had an opportunity to place our product directly in the hands of those with whom we want to partner, get a chance to introduce the product to those several hundred potential partners from all over the country and world,  en masse, from the stage, and continue the conversation at a more intimate booth space, all for a considerably lower cost when compared to what it would have cost me had I traveled around the country and world to meet the same people and have the same conversations in their respective stores, not to mention the time it would have taken, which would have been a hell of a lot longer than three days. The show absolutely helped propel us to where we are today, which is 151 shops across 61 accounts in 28 states. That growth also helped us raise $12,000 for the cause we serve. Not only is my example a testament to the PCA Board, staff, and trade show itself, but it is also a testament to the retailer members who attend and to whom I’ll be forever grateful for helping me get started.”
I still remember my very first PCA trade show. The year was 1997 and the trade show was in Orlando, FL.  I didn’t know many people back then but I can tell you that I made friendships that are still going strong today. Participation in the annual trade show is a great way to meet so many people in the span of just a few days. From the actual show floor to the dinners and parties after, the relationships that sprout up and are nourished in such a short time pays dividends for years. Since its’ inception, AJ Fernandez Cigar Company has always exhibited at the trade show. Our distribution network relies heavily on the tobacconists that are all over this great nation. We do not sell direct to consumer and that makes our relationships with our retail partners that much more important. This is the one time each year that the retailers come together and we are able to see most of them in a short span.”


The Exhibitor list below is growing each day! Check back often for updates.

7-20-4 Vintage Cigar Distributors of NE

A Fuente & Co Inc

ACE Prime

ADVentura & McKay Cigars Co

AJ Fernandez Cigar Company

Alec Bradley Cigar Distributors

Arango Cigar Co

Arganorsa Leaf

Ashton Distributors


Battleground Cigars

Benchmade Knife Company

Best Humidors

BJ Long Company

Blackbird Cigar Co

Blanco Cigars

Boveda Inc


Casdagli Cigars

Cigar Aficionado

Cigar In The Bottle, Inc

Cigar Journal

Cigar Oasis

Cigar Rights Of America

CLE Cigars


Concord Gentlemen’s Accessories – Harvy Canes

Craft Inc

Crowned Heads

Curivari Cigars Int’l

DBZ Enterprises

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

East West Trading Corporation

El Artista Cigar

Elie Bleu / Rëyns International

EPC Cigar Company

Esteban Carreras Cigar Co

Ewestern Inc

F & K Cigar Co

Falto Cigars

Ferio Tego

First Land Intl, Inc.

Garo Cigars

Gran Habano Cigars

Graycliff Cigar Company

Great Discovery’s Inc

Gurkha Cigar Group

Harold Levinson Associates

Hiram and Solomon Cigars

The House of Lucky Cigar

Illusione Cigars

International Plastics

JC Newman Cigar Co

Jet Line by KK International Corporation

JM Tobacco Co

JRE Tobacco Co

Klafter’s Inc / Smoker Friendly International

Kristoff Cigars

Laudisi Distribution Group

Lotus / Integral Logistics

Lucky Sales Inc

Maryland Match Corp

Miami Cigar & Company

My Father Cigars

National Honey Almond / NHA Inc

Oliva Cigar Company

Oveja Negra Brands

Padron Cigars

Paykoc Imports

Perdomo Cigars

Plasencia Cigars

Platinum Nova Cigar

Prometheus International Inc

Quality Importers Trading Company

Rabbit Air

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars

Rouseco Inc

RVGN Rauchvergnuegen

Santa Clara Inc

Shenzhen Raching Technology Co

Sonic Humidifiers

ST Dupont (Coles of London)

Sutliff Tobacco – a Mac Baren Company

Tatuaje Cigars / Havana Cellars

Ted’s Cigars

Tobacco Outlet Products / Smoke Odor Exterminator

Tobacco Pipe Exporters Inc


Topper Cigars

Vector-KGM Industries Co


Zander-Greg Inc

Zippo Manufacturing Co

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Note About Phishing Scams & 3rd Party Hotel Deals

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The PCA does not work with 3rd party vendors. Any “deals” or “offers” that arrive in your inbox from an email address not associated with the PCA is spam and should be treated as such. Phishing scams are very common, especially in the months leading up to any trade show, so we advise using caution and checking the email address from the sender before opening any email that may appear similar to ours.

Whether such emails claim to offer discounted hotel rates, attendee contact information, or anything else, we assure you we are absolutely not affiliated with them and do not condone such behavior.

How to Recognize Phishing

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  • saying they’ve noticed some suspicious activity
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How to Protect Yourself from Phishing

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How to Report Phishing

  1. If you suspect an email is part of a phishing scam, report it to us immediately so we can take action! 
  2. Once you’ve confirmed the email is fraudulent, forward it to the FTC at spam@uce.gov and to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at reportphishing@apwg.org.
  3. Report the phishing attack to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint.

We are fully committed to making this the best trade show yet and can’t wait to see you this summer at #PCA2021!