State Advocacy

The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) State Legislative Affairs Team represents the interests of retail tobacconists in state capitols across the country on issues that impact their businesses. PCA monitors relevant state legislation, educates elected officials on the industry, and engages in legislative battles when appropriate. The state affairs team works to affect the passage of legislation that may impact the ability of retail tobacconists to operate successfully. Use the map below to access specific content for individual states and view our Bill Tracking map to see all the bills the PCA is currently tracking in real time.

State Session Information

State Government Affairs Team

Joshua Habursky

Head of Government Affairs

(202) 849-6045

Glynn Loope

State Advocacy Director

(540) 968-0402

Ryan Parada

Government Affairs Consultant

(609) 372-7599

State News & Alerts

See more state news, alerts and updates by selecting a state from the map above or visiting our PCA News Hub.

Victories in the States

See more state victories at our PCA News Hub.